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Meet The Team



Eric is a US Navy veteran that served onboard the USS Arleigh Burke DDG 51 as an Engineman (but never worked on an engine). Eric has been married for 25 years and has five wonderful children. He has had the opportunity to travel to multiple countries, many with the Navy and some as a civilian. A few years ago Eric learned about the 22 a day number. This number hit him really hard. He had no idea so many service men and women were taking their own lives and knew he had to do something to contribute to reducing that number. This has been a journey and labor of love for Eric to get Mana Oasis moving forward. Eric has had to attend multiple trainings and take certification tests to receive his Certified Peer Specialist and Certified Parent Peer Specialist cetificates in the state of Wisconsin. It has been a great blessing to take this journey with his wife, Joy, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He is grateful for his opportunity to serve our great country, but is very excited and driven to serve his fellow brothers and sisters in their journeys to recovery.



Ben loves to play all sorts of games and really enjoys doing it with other people.  He has worked in the healthcare field for over 5 years as a CNA.  At Durham Regional Hospital he took great pleasure in assisting people, from all over the world, in their rehabilitation.  As a member of Mana Oasis Ben looks forward to combining his people skills, with his love for games to aid veterans in having a brighter future.  



Dillon served in the National Guard Army for 4 years and recently joined Mana Oasis in the fight against veteran suicide. He enjoys the outdoors, astronomy, and photography. Working in the customer service industry has brought a new perspective for him on how trauma effects everyone whether they realize it or not. Struggling with mental health issues in the past, game nights has always been therapeutic for him.  

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